Iron & Wool

“Thank You All”

Since 2013, Iron & Wool has been a passion of mine. A deep desire to make quality goods with the same hands that poorly turned a wrench.

In four years, I've had my hands on over 600 fabrics, many of which have moved with me to California, many that still sit in storage in Seattle.

In those four years, I've made great friendships, seen my goods in the hands of amazing people, at shows, on the street, and on television. I'm grateful to all of you that took the time to wear and share my handmade products.

Now, as fall begins in 2017, I must finally realize that I cannot continue to manage Iron & Wool as a business. I have let some customers down, and to me that's the final sign that the idea of a company has faded, and I must recede back to a "hobby."

I'll keep the 600 fabrics, some of which no-one has seen. Instead of trying to promote as a business where I cannot keep 100% of my customers satisfied, I will instead make the best of my fabrics and my time in creating new items for myself. Maybe some will be sold to the public, but on my time. This will keep from disapointing any potential customer, and only if I have inventory and time will I share what I've made.

I'm grateful to everyone that has ever supported Iron & Wool, to anyone that purchased or even passed along a compliment. I'm self-taught, and while not the best at my own business, I'm steadfast in my drive to keep creating. I hope you'll check in with my progress form time to time.

Yours, always, Chad Edge.